Our Management

Director: Mr.Avinash Seth

Grizzly Vidyalaya, as an educational institute has been a journey for him, as he describes it- it has not only helped the district to realize the potential quality education rather has changed him as a person. The Grizzly Vidyalaya that stands tall and firm today is because of his Never Say Die Attitude. His iron will and calculative planning has guided Grizzly to its present glory. He is very down to earth and likes to think nothing in his leisure time but innovative ways to develop Grizzly Vidyalaya. He is a pioneer in the field of education. His consistent efforts and will have brought various schools under one roof with an objective to improve quality of education in the district. He is a member of Rotary club and has extended his contribution towards social causes.


Director: Mr.Manish Kapsime

There is one absolute fact in the universe, that is "change is only constant" and true mastership lies in managing the change. The journey of Grizzly Vidyalaya hasn’t been smooth . The path of glory was full of erratic situations which were effectively managed by Mr. Manish Kapsime. Grizzly Vidyalaya is not just a building, it is countless number of hours put in to give it a foundation. Mr. Manish Kapsime is one of the eminent personality in Koderma, who has given his firm guidance and mentorship in the process of building of Grizzly Vidyalaya. 





The year 1999 was a landmark year for the people of Telaiya town in Koderma district of Jharkhand for it was in this year that GRIZZLY Vidyalaya came into existence. From a very humble beginning GRIZZLY Vidyalaya soon became a pioneer ISO Certified 10+2 CBSE affiliated Co-ed educational institution with boarding facilities for boys.

Believing in the motto of “Success through Hardwork” the management & staff of Grizzly constantly strive to ensure that our students reach the pinnacle of success not only in academics but in sports and other co-curricular activities as well.

We at Grizzly Vidyalaya realize that children are the future of the world which has now become a Global Village. Hence, we inculcate 21st Century skills such as Collaboration, Teamwork, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking in the students along with nurturing Creativity and Imagination.

As Principal of the school I take pride in the commitment of the school and the staff to the provision of an excellent all-round education for our students.

Under my leadership, and as a team working together, we strongly promote academic achievement among our students and at the same time celebrate the cultural, sporting and other successes of all of our students and staff.

I am truly inspired by the following words of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

WWith these words I welcome you to GRIZZLY, where we aim only for excellence…....................…..


CEO : Mr.Prakash Gupta

A school is always a ‘World in Miniature’ where one receives a training for life, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure & rejoice at victory.

Our aim at Grizzly is to provide a warm and caring environment where children thrive. The school aims to provide opportunities for children to develop their intellectual, physical, social and cultural skills. We aim to provide all children with an education program that is relevant, inspiring and caters to their individual needs.

Most importantly, at the school, we are a team of dedicated teachers and staff committed to the welfare of the children. For us teaching is a passion.


Administrator: Mr.Ashraf Khan

An organization is perfectly integrated system whose functioning to a great extent depends on management skill of its manager. Mr. Ashraf Khan looks after the management of Grizzly Vidyalaya and he has been doing it with utmost sincerity. He treats his work as worship. He is B.Com. (Hons.) in accounts. A health conscious person, an excellent badminton player and a man of discipline, are few words that properly sums him up as an individual. His skill as a badminton player has won his doubles and single championship at district level. He has worked as Jt. Secretary Koderma Badminton Association for five years and Treasurer, Koderma District Association for one year.



Sr. Secondary : S. K. Sinha

Mr. S.K.Sinha is .............., B.Ed and having 16 years of teaching experience as PGT, ........... and has left no stone unturned, as far as his guidance to students is concerned; he has always come up with innovative teaching methodologies and eased the process of learning. From adventure loving person to effectively mentor, his charisma is omnipresent. He is well known for his strict discipline. He is very sporty and likes playing football. He is a man of action and his firmness towards discipline makes him unique as a teacher and as a person. He brings unstoppable inspiration to all the school staff, by his energetic and humble behavior.



Co-ordinator (Secondary) : Mr.B.D.Naskar

He is M.Com. He likes reading informative Books, whenever free. He lives on the principle of "Devotion To Work is Key To Success" and inspires his students to live life with dignity and a positive attitude.


Co-Ordinator (Primary): Mr.T.R.Chaudhary

He is a Graduate. He has eight year of teaching experience and is Co-ordinator, Primary in Grizzly Vidyalaya. Apart from his academic credentials, He haswon many prizes for his debating, Drawing and orating skills.