Grizzly Vidyalaya Hosts Psychometric Test and Career Awareness Program

Koderma - Grizzly Vidyalaya, located near Tilaiya Dam, organized a psychometric test and career awareness program for students in classes 11 and 12. The program featured Ashish Kumar as the keynote speaker, who enlightened students about psychometric assessments and career options. During the program, Ashish Kumar emphasized the importance of psychometric tests and provided unique suggestions to help students recognize their natural talents and abilities. Additionally, he discussed various career options with students, offering guidance to help them make informed decisions about their future.

On this occasion, the school's CEO, Prakash Gupta, stated that this program not only boosts students' morale but also helps them identify their psychometric capabilities, enabling them to make the right career choices in the future. The school's Principal, Aparna Sinha, emphasized that psychometric tests and career awareness, when combined, enhance students' career prospects by aligning their interests and skills, paving the way for a successful future. This program was organized under the guidance of Grizzly Vidyalaya 's Student Service Cell coordinators Sudhanshu Kumar and Shafique Alam."


    Grizzly Vidyalaya in Koderma district hosted the Inter-House Pickleball Championship under the auspices of the Koderma District Pickleball Association.

    Grizzly Vidyalaya, located near Tilaiya Dam, organized the Inter-House Pickleball Championship under the patronage of the Koderma District Pickleball Association. In this event, Indian Pickleball Association's Vice President Ranjan Gupta, Pickleball Federation Secretary Prabhat Kumar, Koderma Pickleball Association Secretary Sandeep Sinha, International Pickleball Player Anand Singh, and Koderma Archery Association Secretary Vishal Singh were present as special guests, and they boosted the enthusiasm of the students.

    The welcoming of the guests was done by the CEO of Grizzly Vidyalaya , Prakash Gupta, and the Principal of Grizzly Vidyalaya , Aparna Sinha. In his address, the CEO of the school, Prakash Gupta, mentioned that the aim of Grizzly Vidyalaya is not only to impart the importance of sports to the students but also to provide opportunities for cooperation and teamwork. He expressed his gratitude to the members of the Koderma Pickleball Association for their dedicated efforts to make this program a success and for promoting pickleball at the local level.

    In this championship, students from all four houses of Grizzly Vidyalaya , namely East, West, North, and South House, participated. North House emerged as the winners in the primary category, with South House as the runners-up. In the middle category, South House secured the first position, while East House was the runners-up. In the secondary category, North House was the winner, and South House was the runners-up. All the winners and runners-up were honored with medals, trophies, and certificates.

    During the event, Ranjan Gupta, Vice President of the Indian Pickleball Association, addressed the students and expressed his hope that with the growing popularity of this sport in Jharkhand, many players from here would soon make a mark at the national and international levels. He informed the students about the upcoming East Zone Pickleball Championship, which is scheduled to be held in Lucknow in October. He expressed his confidence that students from Grizzly Vidyalaya would participate and showcase their best performance, bringing glory to their school.


      The students of Grizzly Vidyalaya have put up a remarkable performance in the state-level Judo competition, securing 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals in their name.

      Koderma - The students of Grizzly Vidyalaya situated near Tilaiya Dam have illuminated their school's name across the entire state with a splendid display of talent in the 13th Jharkhand State Sub-Junior and Junior Judo Championship. This competition, organized by the Ramgarh Judo Association under the aegis of the Jharkhand Judo Association, took place at Patel Chowk Hostel, Ramgarh, from August 11th to 13th. The students participated in this event under the guidance of their coach, Tarnum Khan, and team manager, Dilip Kumar. In this competition, the students have clinched 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 2 bronze medals. The gold medalists include Siddharth Pandey and Sudhanshu Kumar, while Jyoti Yaduvanshi secured the silver medal. Pawan Kumar and Khushi Ranjan are among the bronze medalists.


        Outstanding Performance by Grizzly Vidyalaya’s Students in State-level Taekwondo Competition

        Students from Grizzly Vidyalaya , located near Tilaiya Dam, have showcased an outstanding performance in the 23rd Jharkhand State Sub-Junior Taekwondo Competition, bringing recognition to their school across the entire state. The students have secured a total of 17 gold medals and 8 silver medals in the competition.

        Among the gold medalists are Himanshu Kumar, Sangeet Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Abhikant Kumar, Tejash Yadav, Ujjwal Raj, Kaushal Mandal, Divakar Yadav, Mayank Yadav, Ayush Ranjan, Raj Prajapati, Saurav Kumar Yadav, Piyush Kumar Yadav, Divyanshu Kumar Yadav, and Kumar Aditya Pratap, along with Suraj Kumar and Amlesh Kumar.

        The silver medalists include Beera Yadav, Dilnawaz Sheikh, Jishnu Paswan, Mayank Kumar, Siddhant Arnav, Parth Singh, Ujjwal Roy, and Akshat Gupta. This competition, organized by the Dhanbad Taekwondo Association, saw the active participation of students under the guidance of their coach Dilip Kumar and team manager Bhuneshwar Das.

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