Education prepares the citizens of tomorrow. Our future citizens must take up careers for which they have the aptitude & flair. Most students are unaware of the various career options available to them. They stumble on their way in life trying to discover what they are made for. Trained student counsellors, using aptitude tests and a series of other tests help children in the process of selecting appropriate careers taking into consideration their academic & extracurricular performance, interests, and aspiration. A guidance counsellor emphasizes life skills, study skills, and decision-making processes. Professionals are invited from diverse fields and spheres of life to broaden the concept of careers and help students to develop a realistic assessment of available and emerging vocational alternatives.Some of the key features and facilities offered by our Guidance & Counselling department are Counselling Sessions, Academic Support, Career Guidance, Group Counselling, Workshops and Seminars. Our Guidance & Counselling facilities are an integral part of our commitment to nurturing the holistic development and well-being of our students

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