Rules Regulations

a) Absence without leave is seriously viewed and in case of ten consecutive days of absence, the name of the pupil shall be struck off the rolls. S/he would be re-admitted after s/he has paid all the dues with fresh admission fee and that too at the discretion of the Principal.

b) Leave should be taken in advance or an absentee note be sent through student’s diary if the absence is on the compelling ground.

c) All the students are expected to attend the classes on the opening and closing day before/after vacations. Absence because of sickness must be supported with a medical certificate. Students attending the school after suffering from an infectious disease such as measles, chickenpox, cholera, mumps, whooping cough etc. must produce a fitness certificate from the competent authority.


a) During an academic year, Summer Vacation is scheduled for 37 days in May-June and Durga Pooja Vacation for 10 days and Winter vacation for 15 days. Parents are informed by post in advance about the date of commencement of the Vacation / Holiday.

b) It is compulsory for all parents to take their ward(s) from the school during vacation. However, they are not allowed to collect their ward(s) prior to the vacation. It is also compulsory for students to report on the day of the reopening of the school after each vacation. A strict regulation on departure and reporting timings between 8 am to 4 pm before and after vacation is followed

Two Terminal Examinations (LKG - VIII & XI-XII) Based On Pattern As Per The Norms Of CBSE
First Terminal Examination : September
Second Terminal Examination : April
Besides above, weekly tests are conducted & final result is prepared on the basis of aggregate marks obtained in Four Formative and Two Summative Examination. Regularity is given utmost importance. 80% attendance in a full academic session is essential for promotion in next class.
Parents are regularly informed of their ward's academic progress, participation in co-curricular activities and project works through the monthly gazettes

Periodic Test (IX-X) As Per NEW Pattern of CBSE
Pre Mid Term Exam : July
Mid Term Exam : October
Post Mid Term Exam : Jan - Feb.

Uniform Of Schools

a) Yellow Cotton T-Shirt, D. Blue Jeans Pant/Skirt with Bib Gallis
b) Black Action Shoes (MA-51 Velcro)
c) Socks (N. Blue)

a) Orange Cotton T-shirt, D. Blue Jeans Pant/Skirt with Bib Gallis
b) Black Action Shoes (MA-51 Velcro)
c) Socks (N. Blue)

Boys : Light Pink Shirt & Black Full pant (D.No. 45001)
Girls : Light Pink Shirt & Black Skirt (D.No. 45001)

Boys : Light Yellow Shirt & Black Full pant (D.No. 43003)
Girls : Light Yellow Shirt & Black Elastic Full pant (D.No. 43003) with Cotti of same colour pant

Boys : Light Sky Shirt & Black Full pant (D.No. 43002)
Girls : Light Sky Shirt & Black Elastic Full pant (D.No. 43002) with Cotti of same colour pant

1) Full Sweater Mixture Grey with Maroon stripes (I to IV) 02 pcs.
2) Half Sweater Brown with Biscuit Cream Stripes (V to VIII) 02 pcs.
3) Half Sweater Black with Biscuit Cream Stripes (IX to XII) 02 pcs.
4) Grey Check Blazer - Std. V and above 01 pc.
5) School Track Suit (for Wed & Sat) : I to XII 01 pc.
6) Winter Cap (As per sweater colour) 04 pcs.

1) P.T. dress for Wednesday & Saturday (Colour according to children’s house) Std. I to XII.
2) Black Tie with white stripes elastic std. I to IV and of knot Std. V and above
3) Black Belt with steel brash buckle (Strips as per house) Std. I to XII.
4) Black Action Shoes (MA-51 Velcro for girls) Std. I to XII.
5) White Action Shoes (MA-51 Velcro for girls) Std. I to XII for Wed. & Sat.
6) Black & White Action Shoes (MA-51 Velcro for boys) Std. I to IV.
7) Black & White Action Shoes (MA-52 Stripes for boys) Std. V and above
8) Black School Socks & White Sports Socks : Std. I to XII.


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