As per the guidelines of C.B.S.E., our school under CCE pattern has taken significant steps to promote activity based learning and evaluation. It basically focuses on enhancing potential of students through regular feedback and counseling. These activities don’t only bring students out from day long monotonous and compact conventional teaching environmental set up but also provides them with opportunities to develop their creative and leadership streak. The Formative Activities are conducted on a regular basis as per the calendar. It includes speech, debate, group discussion, role play, extempore etc.. Apart from these communications enhancing activities, there are motivational sessions, personality development sessions and sessions on basic grammar organized for students. Thus, Formative Activities help students to realize their social and public speaking skills.


Co-curricular activities enthralls in itself a plethora of activities and fun exercises, that aims at multi-vicissitudic enhancement of a child’s persona. It facilitates an interactive resonance with his/ her own creative identity, that often tends to get silhouetted in academic proficiency. Besides providing a platform for the students to extrapolate their merit beyond the academic diaspora, it also enthuses the student to create a divine aura of cultural heritage and environmental awareness.

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