The school has a well-laid-out dining hall where all students dine together. Balanced and appetizing meals are provided. Teachers and Hostel Superintendents dine in the mess along with the boys, so that table manners and etiquette are naturally picked up by the students. It has an accommodation capacity of 300 students at a time, comprising pure stainless steel-built portable dining furniture, and hot water baths for keeping the foodstuff hot. The dining hall is also equipped with four big LCDs. The mess provides regular meal services to the students, usually catering to Moring snacks, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Depending on the school's schedule and policies, specific mealtimes may be designated to ensure a smooth and organized dining experience for all residents. The mess has mechanisms in place to collect feedback from the students regarding the quality of food, taste, and overall dining experience. This feedback is used to make improvements and adjustments to the menu, food preparation techniques, and other aspects of the mess operations.

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